Affiliate Partner Program

BurkeyLoan Inc is a wholesale mortgage lender. The Company offers BurkeyLoan® mortgage products through a wholesale broker agreement called our Affiliate Partner Program. Affiliate Partners are independent, third-party mortgage brokers authorized to offer and originate BurkeyLoan mortgage products from prospective borrowers. The Company issues/closes BurkeyLoan mortgages in its name, then holds and services the mortgages.

The BurkeyLoan mortgage application process is automated, however, the unique BurkeyLoan features often requires a hands-on approach.

  • Combine (and pay debt off) Student Loan Debt Into A Mortgage
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages up to 120% LTV
  • Life Refresh Benefit
  • Equity Withdrawal
  • Loan Portability

Accordingly, the Company seeks a network of high caliber mortgage brokerage professionals that will offer BurkeyLoan products in their communities.

The nationwide Affiliate Partner Program is arranged by Metropolitan Statistical Areas and the population of each area determines the number of affiliates. Individual and Area (entire MSA) affiliate partner agreements are available. Affiliate and Area Affiliate Partners are required to meet certain experience, performance, credit, financial and other criteria. The attached Affiliate MSA List describes the Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Affiliate count, Affiliate and Area Fee.

The affiliate fee is refundable and guaranteed by the Company through the issuance of the Company’s Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock. Effectively, through conversion rights, Affiliate Partners would have an ownership interest in the company.

Click here to view our Affiliates MSA List.

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