BurkeyLoan® Investment Shares

BurkeyLoan Investment Shares are equity investments that fund the BurkeyLoan Residential Mortgages. The BurkeyLoan Investment Shares represent a direct, transparent, investment in the respective LTV tranches of the BurkeyLoan Residential Mortgage Portfolio; each portfolio tranche is a fund that only holds the respective loan-to-value (LTV) component of each loan across the entire mortgage loan portfolio.

The respective tranches are titled the BurkeyLoan Core Value Trust (“BCVT”) and BurkeyLoan Tier Equity Trust (“BTET”).

The BurkeyLoan Core Value Trust “BCVT” includes the single BCVT 01-50 tranche which holds the 1% to 50% LTV position of all mortgages in the BurkeyLoan mortgage portfolio. The BurkeyLoan Tier Equity Trust “BTET” includes ten tranches, in five percent increments, from the BTET 50-55, and the BTET 95-100, holding the 50% to 55% and 95% to 100% LTV position respectively. It is the intention that all BurkeyLoan tranche funds qualify at Real Investment Trusts (REITs) as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.

The BurkeyLoan Investment Shares offer a competitive advantage in they offer:

  • Stable direct investment in high quality ‘ability to pay’ mortgages
  • Transparent diversified portfolio of residential mortgages
  • Structured to offer a spectrum of risk tolerant profiles
  • The rate reset feature is an inflation hedge benefit to investors.
  • Premium returns
  • Socially Beneficial Investment
  • Human Capital Investment


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