About Us

BurkeyLoan Inc. is a financial service company committed to transforming the residential mortgage industry and the way residential real estate is acquired and financed, from buyer to investor, with simple transparent processes.

Eliminate Student Loan Debt

Roll your student debt into a mortgage with a lower interest rate and save money with lower monthly payments

Obtain a Home Faster

No need to wait until the student loan debt is paid off to purchase a home

Investment Shares

Investor shares for every investor profile

The BurkeyLoan® is the first of it’s kind.

Mission Statement

BurkeyLoan Inc. seeks to solve a problem burdening society. The millennial generation (young adults born between 1980 and 2010) are beset with the consequences of the great recession, tighter lending standards and an onslaught of student loan debt. The result has been delayed home ownership, household formation and social mobility all of which are integral to maintaining the integrity, values and economic stability of society.

BurkeyLoan Inc. seeks to issue mortgages to predominately millennial aged borrowers that consolidate their existing student loans by effectively refinancing them into longer term mortgages and combining them with traditional consumer mortgage debt. BurkeyLoan Inc. offers a unique product with robust features. Features that thwart immediate and perhaps intermediate competition and provide the requisite risk mitigation techniques correlated to and necessary for higher LTV lending.

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